Successful over the Decades


4×2 GVW 4.1 t

Reliable and Durable


4×2 GVW 5.2 t

Perfect for any Business


4×2 GVW4.1-5.2t

Robust and Affordable

More comfort means effortless operability

maximizing driver’s visibility and increasing safety.
The ISUZU Q-Series cab visibility is good. The window is big which eliminates any blind spot maximizing driver’s visibility and increasing safety.
Steering wheel
The steering wheel is adjustable, you can lift it up and down, pull it forward and backward
4JB1 Engine
High-performance engine
There is a light grey emblem of ISUZU and there is a large space where customers can put their logos easily
Vertical Grab Handle
The grab handle gives a more natural motion when opening and closing the doors thus reducing the fatigue of doing it many times in a day and especially during urban distribution.
There is an easily accessible grab handle coupled with a wide self-cleaning step
which gives more safety when getting in and out of cabin.
Indicator Lamp
There is an indicator lamp on the sides of the door to inform other road users the intention of the driver and increasing safety.
The door is big opening at 80 degrees thus giving easy access to the cabin for the driver.